Fabio Crestale

Crestale Fabio: danced others for the Opera Company of Rome, for the Doppio Movimento directed by Valentina Benedetti, for Steptext Dance ProjectCompany directed by Helge Letonya, Little Company directed by Raffaele Paganini. At the Venice Biennale, on achoreography by Richard Siegal (William Forsythe dancer). L'Opera Garnier in Paris in "Bolero" choreographed by Maurice Bejart.

He danced for the Paris-based company "Baroque" and the Stade de France in "Aida" choreographed by L. Fanon. He participated in the Festival Exister_10 and AnticorpiXL, at Theatre "Out Off" in Milan. He is also the choreograph of “I Funamboli” Company. www.fabiocrestale.com

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