Tutu-Dance Project grew out of a meeting between choreographers and dancers from diverse backgrounds, a meeting which has enriched their thinking on dance and body movements. Openness and shared interest in the work of others have been deeply significant. Exchanges of ideas and comparisons of artistic experience have allowed everyone to draw on our differences to forge a shared artistic approach. This pooling of experience and work has been built on trust and confidence and has encouraged everyone to challenge themselves and to enter another, shared artistic world.
This has created the conditions for the choreographers themselves to
breathe life into their own dance creations.


We offer a show that is unique in character. Unique because the choreographer-performer invites the audience to seek new ways of seeing movement, expression, interpretation. Unique also because it enables organisers looking to create a show to choose choreographers and works that are well suited to the venue, audience and programming. Unique finally because our performance is intended for a broad audience, ranging from neophytes curious to see a live show to those already familiar with the world of dance and theatre.


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